Thinking about the Black Church with Dr. Samuel DeWitt Proctor

One wonderful blessing of living in an age of information technology is the ability to hear voices of the past with the click of a mouse. What would have been buried in dusty film archives or lost altogether may now be unearthed and shared with the entire world. Our screens become magical portals transporting us to times and conversations we would never have enjoyed.

That’s how I felt when I happened upon this 1986 University of Washington interview with the late Dr. Samuel DeWitt Proctor. Along with Dr. Gardner C. Taylor, Proctor was the dean of entire generations of Black Church statesmen, educators and preachers. A great many regarded him a paragon of educational and ecclesiastical leadership.

What if you could think about the history, theology and mission of the Black Church with Dr. Proctor today? That would be an awesome privilege. You’d agree a lot, laugh a lot, listen a lot, and learn a lot. So, lean in, enjoy, and reflect on what Dr. Proctor had to share in the wake of publishing his autobiography, The Substance of Things Hoped for: A Memoir of African-American Faith.

Thabiti Anyabwile
Thabiti Anyabwile serves as a pastor of Anacostia River Church (Washington DC). He is the happy husband of Kristie and the adoring father of two daughters and one son. Holler at him on Twitter: @ThabitiAnyabwil

C’mon Up!

  • Pastor Bruce

    And to think that within a year of this conversation he was gone. It was helpful to listen to this learned brother.

  • Louis Love

    I leaned in and I learned and I enjoyed. I could listen to him for hours. What a great privilege to be able to sit at the feet of this sage, via technology.

    Thanks for this post T.

  • Wyeth Duncan

    Very interesting. I would have loved to have had the opportunity to converse with him about some of these topics.

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