A Theology for the Black Lives Matter Generation: Reconciliation

The last two years have been marked by tension, violence, protest, mistrust and strife. What does reconciliation look like and what is the church’s role in it?

A Theology for the Black Lives Matter Generation: Man

We considered The Ferguson Declaration’s paragraphs on the doctrine of God. Now we turn our attention to the doctrine of man.

A Theology for the Black Lives Matter Generation: The Doctrine of God

Thabiti Anyabwile looks at the beginning of the #BlackLivesMatter Creed and interacts with their doctrine of God, who is in some sense, our greatest enemy.

Theology for the Black Lives Matter Generation

Convinced that deep theological reflection is necessary for sustained effort toward true biblical justice, Thabiti Anyabwile sets out to navigate and engage “The Ferguson Declaration.”

On The State of the Black Church Conference

One of the founders of The State of the Black Church Conference shares his hopes for the conference and the purposes behind it. C’mon up.

The Bi-Vocational Pastor

Are Pastors to follow Paul’s bi-vocational example? Is bi-vocational ministry ideal? C’mon up and chop with Phil Duncanson on the porch.

Black Lives Matter Meeting, Reflections from an Old Head

What takeaways did one pastor have after attending a local Black Lives Matter chapter meeting? C’mon up and chop with Louis Love on The Front Porch.

Remembering the Elderly (Pt. 2)

We would do well to honor our senior saints, to glean from their wisdom, to model their hopefulness, to join them in fruitful ministry, and to rest in our old age from manual labor, but not from serving the Lord and passing on the legacy of faith to future generations.

Remembering the Elderly (Pt. 1)

Here are five ways the Scriptures demonstrate the Lord’s blessings toward our senior saints and what we might learn from these blessings in order to be a blessing to them.

Preacher, Don’t Trust Yourself in Your Preaching

What are five common but overlooked pitfalls for the preacher? What might your pastor be tempted to put his trust in when it comes to preaching?

Happy Birthday, Ma!

These stories are not just reminders of the past, but they are history as seen through one person’s eyes. They serve as encouragements to us that we might learn from them and walk in wisdom.

Staying at Your Church When You Have Reason to Leave (Pt 3)

In this final post of this series, we want to consider another excellent reason to leave a church that could also be a reason to stay: spiritual abuse. C’mon up.

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