Happy Birthday, Ma!

These stories are not just reminders of the past, but they are history as seen through one person’s eyes. They serve as encouragements to us that we might learn from them and walk in wisdom.

Staying at Your Church When You Have Reason to Leave (Pt 3)

In this final post of this series, we want to consider another excellent reason to leave a church that could also be a reason to stay: spiritual abuse. C’mon up.

Staying at Your Church When You Have Reason to Leave (Pt 2)

Should you stay at your church if your pastor has had a moral failure?

Staying at Your Church When You Have Reason to Leave (Part 1)

What would you say are good reasons for leaving a local church? In this new series, Thabiti suggests that leaving may not be the only way forward.

Removing Fallen Leaders

Have you noticed that recent months and years have recorded the fall of some very prominent church leaders? Can a fallen pastor be returned to pastoral leadership?

Preaching in a Kairos Moment

When all the mayhem that went down a couple of weeks ago, like so many, we are stunned, silent, and declaring “thus says the Lord.” Yet in times of turmoil, unrest, and utter helplessness have proven to be seasons when Black preaching is at its best.

What’s Going On?

When the world looks at the world and says “What’s going on?” The answer is clear. Sin is going on. Pain, injustice, violence, hatred, and death are going on all around us.

A Hope Deferred For The Hopeless

In defining how our personal narrative fits into the larger biblical story, we can then reveal hope to those that have had no hope.

Southern Baptist Repudiation of Confederate Flag is “A Seminal Moment”

I cringe every time I see the Confederate flag in the same way I would if I were to see the auction block on which one of my ancestors was sold.

Looking for a Church Administrator (pt. 2)

So we’ve discussed godly character, but what are the skills needed for a church administrator?


Each day is a gift. May this poem help you see fresh mercies from our Lord!

Meet the Brothers: Cameron Triggs

Cameron Triggs is a friend of The Front Porch and a church-planter headed to Orlando, FL. We brought him up on the porch to chop up about life, ministry, and a particular focus of his: apologetics.

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