Philip Duncanson

Philip Duncanson serves as an elder at East Point Church in Atlanta. Holler at him on Twitter: @PBDuncs

The Bi-Vocational Pastor

Are Pastors to follow Paul’s bi-vocational example? Is bi-vocational ministry ideal? C’mon up and chop with Phil Duncanson on the porch.

Christ in the Psalms: Psalm 34

C’mon up to hear Phil Duncanson preach on Psalm 34. Phil preached this message at the 2016 New Life Conference, “Christ in the Psalms.”

Looking for a Church Administrator (pt. 2)

So we’ve discussed godly character, but what are the skills needed for a church administrator?

Looking for a Church Administrator

How then do you go about identifying the right administrator for your church? Are there qualifications for such a person, and what might that be?

Do You Love What Jesus Loves?

If you say you believe in God, you ought to see the Church as Christ sees her and strive not to neglect her.

An Unconverted High Schooler on The Reformation

Believers go through a great deal of their Christian experience knowing much about church anniversaries, but have little knowledge about why they are able to read the Bibles that sit in the pews in front of them. Phil goes back to 10th grade to remind us why!

The Need For A Historical Faith

Why is it important for Christians to have a faith that is grounded historically? What is great about this current generation’s zeal, and is there anything dangerous about this passion? … Continue reading

Tongues & Healing: Getting Boring?

In light of many Christians’ obsession with the “miraculous” spiritual gifts, Phil Duncanson comes up on The Front Porch to remind us of the array of spiritual gifts God has given the church. None of these gifts are boring. Why? C’mon up on the porch and let us know what you think.

You’re Not Alone

Nearly 12 years ago, God opened my eyes to Reformed theology during a study through the book of John. As we began to look at Jesus’ encounter with Nicodemus, the … Continue reading

Why We Must Labor for Laborers: The Shortage of African-American Missionaries

Not too long ago I heard a startling statistic. According to some recent reports there are roughly 300 African Americans engaged in long term international missions. And most feel that … Continue reading

Cultivating Corporate Prayer

No one prays enough! That’s not just a perception, it’s a reality. Even the most avid prayer warriors I know admit to such. When we pray, it shows our dependence … Continue reading

“Where’s the Altar Call?”

“With heads bowed and eyes closed; no one looking around.” “Just step out into the aisle. Don’t think about the people around you. Come forward and give your life to … Continue reading

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