Remembering James Baldwin

When the Church adopts prophetic stances in response to injustice, we give society a small glimpse into the heart of God.


Each day is a gift. May this poem help you see fresh mercies from our Lord!

You Should See the Poets In Autumn Tour

Thabiti Anyabwile gives three reasons why you should check out the Poets In Autumn Tour!

Spoken-Word: “Let Freedom Ring”

Daniel King-Robertson drops a sobering piece on social injustice — a potent reminder in times of turmoil in the culture given the recent police killings.

“grounds of an embattled Moses”

The recent onslaught of unarmed black men being slain by American law enforcement officials is a tragic injustice — one causing confusion and pain among many, even the most innocent of our society. Isaac, an unarmed black man, wrote this verse contemplating that.

The Flower of Salvation

Tony Carter switches it up by coming up on the porch with a poem about TULIP — not the flower — but the doctrines of grace. It’s Calvinism in verse. Preachers and pastors have a seat on the porch, but so do the poets. Come join ’em!

Meet the Brothers: Trip Lee & Louis Love

With the launch of Trip’s latest CD, Rise, we revisit our interview with him earlier this year.

Spoken-Word: “Jesus Saved My Life”

Jahill Richards came up on The Front Porch once and shared a sermon that entailed his testimony. He stopped by again to drop his testimony in a shorter, punchier fashion through … Continue reading

Spoken Word: “#NoFilter Necessary”

Friends, here’s a short piece I wrote in response to the beauties of God’s handiwork. I was struck by how many people, regardless of their standing with God, implicitly testify … Continue reading