Discussing how a local Black church’s female pastor recently married another woman, Thabiti said, “the culture’s confusion regarding gender, sexuality, and sex seems to know no limits,” in a recent article. In this podcast, Tony Carter and Phil Duncanson chop it up with their wives and discuss what true biblical womanhood is. How is it recognized, encouraged, and nourished in the church? What does it mean that God’s agenda for womanhood is a kingdom agenda? These four, sittin’ on the Front Porch, discuss how God reflects his compassion and wisdom in women. After all, womanhood is not simply the object of man’s licentious desires or worldly feminism. Rather, biblical womanhood transcends these misconceptions and seeks to bless God’s kingdom and his purposes. You can download and subscribe to The Front Porch Podcast on iTunes. 

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  • Avatar Louis Love says:

    Brothers Carter and Phil:
    Very encouraging session on the porch. In the early days of New Life Fellowship, some of our greatest supporters were women. Praise God for faithful womanhood.

    Tell Sisters Adrian and Allison, I said hello.

  • Avatar mckinley caughman says:

    Greetings family, from the All Saints Redeemer Family, great interview on the porch, looking for more in the future!

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