Leython Williams sits down with Louis Love on The Front Porch to talk about his journey from Apostolic faith, as he had in the Oneness Pentecostal Church, to Reformed Theology. Reflecting on his upbringing in the church and sharing his testimony, Leython discusses entertaining stories, the handling of God’s Word, and the prosperity gospel he encountered along with the problems inherent to Oneness Pentecostalism. We pray this podcast blesses you, and make sure to listen to part two of this podcast series. For more conversations, download and subscribe to The Front Porch Podcast on iTunes.

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Louis Love

Louis Love

Louis Love serves as the lead-pastor of New Life Fellowship Church in Waukegan, IL, which he planted in 1997. Before the church plant, he served as the pastor of New Hope Baptist Church and New Life Baptist Church. He’s been joyfully married to Jamie for forty-one years. They have three adult children and eleven grandchildren. Louis is a co-founder of TheFrontPorch.org and a contributor to the book “Glory Road: The Journeys of Ten African Americans into Reformed Christianity” (Crossway, 2012).


  • Avatar Tony Carter says:

    Thanks Leython and Lou! Enjoyed sitting on the Porch and listening in.

  • Avatar Steve says:

    I can’t wait to listen to this podcast, as I too have transitioned from Oneness Pentecostalism to Reformed Theology. It’s a fairly new transition for me (less than a year), so testimonies like these are very comforting and helpful for me. Thanks!

  • Avatar Leython Williams says:

    Thanks for coming onto the porch, Steve!

    That works both ways, brother. Just hearing briefly about your recent transition is quite comforting and helpful to me! It’s a reminder of the power of God’s Word in changing the hearts of men and it also speaks to the efficacy of His call.
    I still consider my transition to be rather new as it has only been about 3 years now, so I stand beside you, brother!

    Praise God!

  • Avatar Drew Ansley says:

    Thanks fam! Leython, I’d love to talk with you about Detroit. I’m a reformed church planter in SW Detroit and continually looking to connect with people that can help us understand and serve our city and people better.

  • Avatar Leython Williams says:

    Drew, I’d love to chop it up about ways to serve the city! Thanks for listening in and being open to connect; I’m going to shoot you an email soon.

  • Avatar Jaydub says:

    Thanks for the podcast. I am currently in a Oneness Pentecostal church, and I would like to know what kind of reading material..I.E. books would you suggest to understand the nature of God, and the Trinity? I am in search of the truth. I feel like the Lord has led me to the truth through Oneness, however I have been having questions in my own mind. Thanks

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