Sisters Kristie Anyabwile and Jamie Love are up on the front porch, choppin’ it up about how to encourage other sisters in God’s Word and how to study it. Looking at different Bible studies the sisters have started and been a part of, Jamie and Kristie discuss why sisters should be excited about the Word of God and not be afraid to be theologians. “That’s not a bad word!” as Jamie says. C’mon up on The Front Porch, grab a chair, and enjoy this edifying conversation. We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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  • Avatar Meg says:

    I enjoyed listening and hearing the inspiration behind what Kristie has been doing with her family. I had a few curious questions. How long is the conference call each week for the study? Can you tell us a little just bullet points of format, agenda each time? And how big a chunk of scripture do you tackle each week? Thanks for sharing. Blessings.

  • Avatar RefGranny says:

    Thanks for joining us on the Porch! We are so excited about what the Lord is doing through our study and how He has sustained us for seven years!
    Our weekly conference call/webinar is no more than one hour. By design, we keep the format very simple: greetings, opening prayer, announcements, lesson (between 30-45 minutes), questions, prayer requests, and closing prayer. The amount of Scripture covered each week varies based on the subject matter. For example, when we covered the book of Ruth we did so at a pace of one chapter per week. However, in our current study in Matthew, we are pacing at one beatitude per week.
    Meg, I hope this is helpful. Looking forward to seeing you on the Porch again!

  • Avatar Brenda Jones says:

    Oh, what a blessing!!!! I’m excited about the 7year blessing of your Conference Call Study. I have two prayer lines that I participate in weekly. One with my ladies bible class at 7:30am on Tuesdays and one on Thursday morning at 5:30am. We’ve been at it a while, and it has blessed us over the years.
    BUT, I would truly look forward to a conference call study. Please pray with me as I petition the Lord for the opportunity to lead a study of this magnitude or find one and become a willing participant. Thanks for a great talk ladies! Hope to see you again soon….on the FRONT PORCH!!!

  • Avatar Randy Thompson says:

    Hello up here!

    This was a great little gem to view during my lunch break!

    Great and thoughtful questions from sister A that resulted to a thought provoking challenge for the viewer to start studies of our own with a little how-to to boot from sis Love!

    The genesis of the study with the death of the ladies friend and the conviction that followed is quite intriguing and serves as a reminder to me as pastor Love recently preached about our “lifes concern” or focus as I wrote. As Paul’s Concern was gospel endurance, if we don’t have one or find it isn’t in line with the gospel, we too may be watching someone near and dear to us slowly expiring. What a conviction to bear that we did not share the good news while they were here.

    Read your bible. This is a great reminder to those already engaged in a study or preparing to start a study… If your going to teach God’s word; pray, and see what God says first then “the dead guys” as you say. Thanks for the resources too.

    Great line of demarc between a “study extension” and the church shepherding. No replacement exist to an actual church and the gathering of believers and sitting under the preached word of God.

    Very encouraging video from the sisters in the faith. May God continue to bless both of your ministries.

    “No fluffy foo foo!” #RealTalk

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