The sisters Jamie Love and Kristie Anyabwile are back up on The Front Porch — choppin’ it up and discussing the journey of being a pastor’s wife. What does this service look like? In what ways does it stretch and grow a wife? What expectations and assumptions do pastors’ wives face?

In many churches, it’s easy for the pastor’s wife to feel as if she’s in a fishbowl for the congregation to see. What’s she to do? “Swim and don’t eat too much fish food, ’cause you will blow up!” C’mon up on the porch and enjoy the encouragements and warnings these sisters share.

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  • Avatar Pastor Bruce says:

    Think I’ll encourage my wife to watch this.
    I don’t really like the term “First Lady” either yet I can understand why you are your husbands “first ladies” as my wife is my first lady!
    Very gracious, warm approach (with very infectious laughing). Really enjoyed this, look forward to more.
    I could be wrong, but I can’t think of anywhere else on the web where mature “sober” black reformed Christian women speak in such a manner. I really hope that it proves to be an inspiration to others.
    Thank you!

  • Avatar LeCresha says:

    Sisters, thank you for sharing your experiences & (Godly) wisdom; it is greatly appreciated & needed! There were many notes I took from this interview, but there are two I will comment on:

    1. The role of a Pastor’s wife. Thank you for making it clear that a Pastor’s wife is to turn to the scripture to understand what her role is and what her role is not. Also, thank you for expressing the importance of the wife being a wife, and how she must serve in encouraging and praying for her husband. “Guard our hearts against excess”.. awesome.

    2. Congregational encouragement & support: Kristie, I thank God for the point you made about the congregation knowing your heart for them (“when they hurt, we hurt; when they mourn, we mourn. If our churches knew the depth of love we have for them as our family”). I am not a Pastor’s wife.. and neither am I a wife, but even in my singleness I experience this to an extent as I strive to love God’s people. Your comment allowed me to understand the sacrificial love of those who serve in pastoral positions (and their families) and the need for me to constantly pray for them (you all).

    Again, thank you for sharing. This was a blessing to me! 🙂

  • Avatar Andre-Hope Taylor says:

    I agree with LeCresha that your discussion has allowed me to understand even more of the sacrificial love that is there(I have been learning along the way) and can attest to how it has been displayed with myself and my family. I agree we must definitely keep those who serve in pastoral positions along with their families in prayer. Thank you!

  • Avatar Georgetta Carvin says:

    Jaime and Kristie, great interview for pastor wives. I’m not a pastor’s wife, but since I have a passion to minister to women, I’ve served with many. I truly believe that we women put undue pressure and expectations on them and they can never truly live an authentic life among the members (esp. the women). Lois Evans do a conference for Pastor’s Wives (at least she use to).

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