What is the gospel? What are some of its counterfeits? What are Christians to think of the “Liberation Gospel?” “the Social Gospel?” Usually, “if you have to put an adjective on the gospel, it’s probably not the gospel,” Tony Carter says. But why is the true gospel good news? Louis Love and Thabiti Anyabwile sit with Tony back up on The Front Porch choppin’ up this glorious subject. C’mon up on, pull up a chair, and listen to the conversation as these brothers discuss hermeneutics, its effect on the church, reading the Bible like Jesus did, and how preachers can have categories for getting to Christ in texts that don’t seemingly point to him.

If you enjoyed this conversation, take a look at Thabiti’s article, What I Love About People in Prosperity Churches.”

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  • Avatar Pastor Bruce says:

    Good to thresh out these issues. Interesting insight brother Love mentioned with respect to Job and the prosperity gospel. I hear that things are bad in the States but worse in Africa when it comes to prosperity teaching (check out brother Conrad Mbewe).
    Helpful discussion brothers – thank you.

  • Avatar Louis Love says:

    Hey Pastor Bruce:
    Good to have you back up on the Porch. Yeah, we (America) have done a good (bad) job of exporting rotten theology. Praying the Lord will make more and more of our people aware of the folly both here and abroad.

    Thanks for coming by, my brother.

  • Avatar MsGee Carvin says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this interview. I use to attend a church where I began to see the pastor gradually and subtly moving toward liberation gospel/theology. The Red Flags begin to pop up in my heart. I thank God for discernment.

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