“Shepherding” is a term that isn’t all too common in many pastoral circles, especially in traditional black churches. What does it mean to guide, protect, feed, and guard the sheep, and what does Scripture mean by it? Where are you guiding them to, who are you protecting and guarding them from, and what are you feeding them? Who even are “the sheep?” Who is the head of the church? Louis Love, Tony Carter, and Thabiti Anyabwile sit up on The Front Porch to chop up this topic. Grab a chair, c’mon up, and join the conversation.

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  • Avatar Georgetta Carvin says:

    If a church has elders or several pastors on staff, then would you consider all of them shepherds with different functions? Or, are all of the elders/staff pastors also have the same protect, guide, feed, etc.

  • Avatar Georgetta Carvin says:

    Oh by the way, you better not try to talk to some of these “big time” – “celebrity pastors” because their entourage/armor-bearers might knock you down.

  • Avatar Thabiti says:

    Hi Georgetta,

    Thanks for joining us on the porch! Great question. In short, “Yes, all the lay elders and staff elders are shepherds.” That’s the “plurality” we were discussing, and each man serving in that role is called to

  • Avatar Joshua Waulk says:

    Thank you, men, for producing this. What a great conversation. And, what a great find for me–this website–in addition to a couple others. It’s my desire to listen/watch/learn from theologically like-minded AA shepherds, so that I might be more useful in the lives of AAs I may have opportunity to minister to, work with, etc. So, thanks again–you have a new audience member.

  • Avatar Tony Carter says:

    Hey Josh,
    Glad to have you on the porch. You finding encouragement in our discussion is an encouragement to us. Come back frequently and freely offer your comments and questions. Pray God honors your labors and blesses the works of your hands. Talk to ya again soon.

  • Avatar TrinaLomack says:

    Oh my God, loved and got so much clarity from the conversation.

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