Why is it important for Christians to have a faith that is grounded historically? What is great about this current generation’s zeal, and is there anything dangerous about this passion? The two ol’ heads — Tony Carter and Philip Duncanson are back at it on The Front Porch, discussing what the Church has confessed concerning the Christian faith and why that should matter to us today. For more conversations, download and subscribe to The Front Porch Podcast on iTunes.

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  • Avatar Donald Wilcock says:

    Thanks brothers, I’ve thought about this subject a bit recently and I tell you it is a special,unifying and confirming kind of feeling when I go back and listen to preachers of time past, sing old hymns and read books centuries old. To know that I rejoice and find hope in the same exact timeless truths of the Gods revelation further undergirds my faith. I often listen to an albumcalled Conspirare- Sing Freedom! African American Spirituals (I very much recommend) to get a feel for the hope that my ancestors found in Christ underun-imaginable circumstances. Though my trials pale in comparison to times such as these, these historical events help me to link arms with saints/family of the past because of our connection in Christ. God has used theses means to evoke an emotion in me that mourns for my ancestors, while providing hope that Christ reigns supreme even under the most dire circumstances. Tears of sympathy mixed in with tears of hope over these things have been a real source of God’s grace in my life.
    Thx for starting this conversation…I like this porch!

  • Avatar Tony Carter says:

    Hey Donald, you nailed it my brother! Like you said, knowing our Christian history only enhances our Christian experience and causes us to know and love our Savior all the more. Thanks for listening and sharing your thoughts. Our porch is your porch my man. Stop by and chat with us anytime. See ya soon!

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