In light of Trip Lee’s next album coming out in a few weeks, Rise, we wanted to bring him up on the porch to hear from him. Louis love and Trip Lee ┬áchop it up and discuss life, ministry, and specifically how hip hop is a wonderful platform and vehicle for the gospel. C’mon up on the front porch, pull up a chair, and join the conversation. Peep the latest promo for Trip’s next album here:

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  • Avatar Rev. Yusef Franklin says:

    Thanks for this. I love what Trip Lee says and the way he articulates his passion. I also love his music!

  • Avatar Louis Love says:

    Hey Rev.
    Great to have you on the porch. I was thrilled to interview Trip Lee. I felt like I might have been punching above my weight class given my limited experience with Christian Hip Hop (old head).

    However, it was encouraging for me too, hearing his love for Jesus and his passion for making Him known.

    C’mon up and see us again, brother.

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