In my early days of being a Christian, Scripture memorization was highly encouraged. My wife and I had several what was then called “key passages” of the Bible thoroughly memorized in the King James Version. Some folks used to call them “life verses.”

One of those texts was Philippians 4:6. However, when I use to quote it, I would constantly leave out the little phrase “with thanksgiving.” My wife used to always say, “you keep leaving out the main thing.” It seemed I was always in a hurry to let my “requests be made known unto God,” not only in quoting the verse but also in practice. I still have that tendency, especially in recent days.

Thanksgiving Day provides a great opportunity for us to take a Philippians 4:6, “with thanksgiving” pause. This is certainly one of the chief benefits of the last Thursday of November. So when you pray, even if it’s just before the meal, slow it down a bit, don’t be in a hurry, and make sure you don’t leave out the main thing. When your finished praying you might even want to check out Philippians 4:7, too.

Happy Thanksgiving from our porch to yours. May you and yours be blessed.

Louis Love, on behalf of the brothers on The Front Porch

(Photograph by Kevin Dooley via Flickr Creative Commons)

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