A lot of folks have been coming through the neighborhood — leaning in with good, challenging, and edifying words. We rounded up what’s been going down this past week in a little digest that we’re dropping right at your front door. You know, like the village paperboy, who tossed the news right to your welcome mat! Have a blessed weekend!

1. “Can Pastors Have Friends in Their Church” by Thabiti Anyabwile (The Front Porch)

What does it say about a church’s health if there are no friendships in the church between pastors and their people? How is maturing in the faith possible if there is no friendly endeavor? Many have said pastors should not have friends in their churches. What do you think? C’mon up and join the conversation.

2. “SAE and the Lynching Tree” by Dr. Jarvis Williams (RAAN)

Dr. Williams joined our friends at the Reformed African-American Network to discuss the history and gospel implications surrounding the Oklahoma fraternity student who was recently filmed harking an anthem that celebrated the lynching of African-Americans.

3. “Reaching America’s Samaria” by Bobby Scott (The Master’s Seminary)

Preaching on John 4:1-43, Pastor Bobby Scott, who pastors Community of Faith Bible Church in the Los Angeles area, explains the text’s significance as we consider the current struggles besetting black communities in America.

4. “The Egalitarian Impulse in the Black Church” by Stephen Harris (9Marks)

Stephen serves a thorough, rich, and beefy article highlighting the history of black fatherhood and motherhood in light of the slave-trade and how its effects echo in the black church today. Are most black churches complementarian or egalitarian? Why or why not? Why does this matter for our understanding of God? If you’re looking for more on the subject, peep Tony Carter’s recent article recent article: “Women Preachers & Pastors — A Big Deal in the Church?

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