“What An Awesome Journey”

Several months ago I ran into one of the brothers from The Front Porch on social media. His post caught my attention because it said something about Reformed Theology, and I was curious to know what Reformed Theology was. I followed him on Twitter, and it lead me to The Front Porch, where I was introduced to the whole gang — Louis, Tony, and Thabiti.

I began listening to sermons, reading the blog, and hearing how these brothers chop it up. This was the beginning of beginning to see Jesus Christ in a bigger light. In my curiosity, I began to dig into Reformed Theology. This lead me to Ligonier Ministries, where I was introduced to R.C. Sproul and several others. I learned about T.U.L.I.P, listened to lectures, read articles, and combed the internet for more information about The Reformation.

Now, I prescribe to a Reformed Theology magazine, I’m reading more books, and so forth and so on. The journey has been awesome and rewarding in my spiritual walk. I had moved from the West Coast to the East Coast not knowing or understanding why I moved. So one day I decided to google “Reformed Theology” in my town and a Presbyterian church came up; I began to follow this church online. I never went there because I noticed that it was a predominantly white congregation, and I didn’t think I would be welcome. I continued with their online sermons and studies, and one day I got up enough courage to go into the church.

The first person I met was the pastor. To make a long story short — the most amazing thing happened — I was at their church’s conference and Thabiti Anyabwile’s book, “The Decline of African American Theology” and Tony Carter’s book, “On being black and Reformed” were mentioned! It was so amazing for me to see how God put all this together.

I went and talked to the pastor after the conference, and I was telling him how The Front Porch introduced me to Reformed Theology and how my journey began. What an amazing journey! God is amazing! The pastor was amazed at my story: coming from West Coat to the East Coast, not knowing anyone, learning about Reformed Theology via Twitter, meeting the brothers on the Front Porch, and following this church online for several months before I got up enough courage to enter in. He said I had to share my story.

This all amazes me, and my life has forever been changed. Christ is slowly but surely reforming my life. Only God knows where I’d be if it had not of been for that one little tweet leading me to The Front Porch. Thank you brothers! I think I’ll c’mon up and chop it up with y’all some more.

Trina Lomack
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