What does the Bible teach about spiritual gifts?

That simple question prompts a lot of theological discussion, hand wringing, and even division. Faithful Christians hold differing views. The position one holds shapes both public and private practice of the faith.

Join the brothers of “The Chopping Block” as they share their views on the subject.

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  • Avatar frAT says:

    This was a good fire starter. I believe every gift is active. I believe that we do not see some of the gifts active because of a deficit in our own faith, and never because God determined that we don’t need them.
    I believe that in the west we have put so much faith into science and medicine, or medicine and money that miracles cannot happen here. We exalted another god and misplaced our faith. Miracles and healing are happening. God equips people, men and women, to be particular conduits of that spiritual power that brings healings or miracles or utterances in other tongues or prophecies, but people are only conduits of the thing that is divine and heavenly.

  • Avatar Ralph McCarty says:

    I appreciate how they fought through definitions and suppositions to deliver contextual and nuanced answers. That alone shows so much of the love of Christ. So often, this topic brings about ham-fisted answers, generalizations painted with broad strokes.There was love in the details.

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