Have You Heard about The Vox Project?

I don’t know what you think about abortion. But if abortion is one of those subjects that everyone feels compelled to have an opinion about. How could we not? The lives of millions of children hang in the balance. The lives of millions of women are affected. The lives of millions of men are implicated. Abortion touches everyone.

That’s why I’m glad for efforts like The Vox Project. They describe their mission this way:

Vox is latin for voice. The Vox Project is breaking the silence for the silenced, and speaking up for the weakest and most vulnerable among us. The Vox Project wants to inspire and equip pastors and ministry leaders to lead the way in speaking the truth about abortion with grace and compassion.The Vox Project aims to be a catalyst, spreading awareness and propelling the people of God to action through creative and innovative means.

The project aims to “celebrate the beauty, value and equality of every human life.” In our day and time we need many more organizations and groups motivated by this very view of each life–inside and outside the womb. In our time, I think it’s fair to say that life–inside and outside the womb–is threatened, shortened, abused, belittled and distorted. The evidence is everywhere. As Christians who believe every person is made in the image of God, we ought to be the most committed to honoring and protecting life everywhere it’s found–inside and outside the womb.

The Vox Project is working on a full-length documentary “to reignite the moral imagination of the church through creative story-telling.” We need that reigniting desperately. We need fresh creativity in the fight for life, justice and equality. That’s why I was pleased to participate in an interview for the documentary. A good number of interviews are being conducted and snippets are being posted at the website. Swing by and watch.

Below is an excerpt of interviews with Leonce Crump and me:

Preaching – Crump from Mark Campbell on Vimeo.

Thabiti Anyabwile from Mark Campbell on Vimeo.

Visit The Vox Project and other resources, then get involved to end this injustice.

Thabiti Anyabwile
Thabiti Anyabwile serves as a pastor of Anacostia River Church (Washington DC). He is the happy husband of Kristie and the adoring father of two daughters and one son. Holler at him on Twitter: @ThabitiAnyabwil

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