Join Tony, Lou and Thabiti as they discuss the first book published under The Front Porch imprint, Reviving the Black Church. Thabiti talks about how he began writing this book nearly 15 years ago. The book attempts to describe what “revival, reformation or continuing strength might look like according to the word of God.” As Tony puts it, “Though she [the Church] is beautiful, she is not yet finished.”

1’30” – Can you share some of your heart in wanting to write this book and address revival in African American churches?
4’25” – Were there some chapters that were really difficult or stretched you when writing about the Black Church?
7’20” – Can you speak to any misconceptions people might have about your love for the Black Church when they read a title like Reviving the Black Church?
12’40” – Two basic types of people who need each other in conversations about the Black Church
16’18” – Future hopes for the imprint

Thank you for watching! Come join the conversation.

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