In my last post, we spent some time discussing some of the godly qualifications that you should be looking for in a church administrator. I hope it was helpful. This time we want to concern ourselves with skills that would be helpful for church administrators to possess. Again, a warning: The temptation is going to want to highlight the skills in this post above the character we discussed in the last. Don’t do it! The skills below are important, but if they are sought after in neglect of godly character, I can tell you, the church will suffer for it. OK: enough with the caveats. Let’s get to the list.

You want to search for a man or woman who is:


This is a given, right? A disorganized administrator is an oxymoron. This person’s main task will be to bring order and provide systematic structures to the church. Therefore, he or she should be familiar with timelines, project plans, agendas, action items and spreadsheets. A scattered administrator will most certainly influence that which he or she seeks to manage. Having a good grasp of the tools mentioned above will show that this person takes organization seriously.

A Finisher

There are starters and there are finishers. Starters are very important. They set the vision or the course for the rest to follow. But, finishers make those visions and plans go. You want an administrator who’s adept at this skill. Why? So that things get done. Ideas are only as good as their ability to be implemented, tested and proved. Find a man or a women who has demonstrated this in other areas of their lives. Starters are attractive, but having a starter as an administrator may leave a number of loose ends untied. Believe me, you will want a finisher.

A Delegator

This is a great skill to have because an administrator will need help. The goal is not to load the administrator with all the administrative tasks of the church and watch them go. Or in reality, watch them fail. A good administrator will be able to identify what needs to be done, and then find the right people who can get it done.

Able to Say No

This is perhaps a skill that is easily underrated. A good administrator is going to be pulled in a number of different directions and is going to be asked to do many things. This individual needs to be able to weed through the requests and tasks in order to get to the essentials. Having this skill will not only be a benefit to the church it will also prevent burn out in that individual.

There are certainly more skills that can be added to this list, but these few in my opinion are non-negotiables. If the individual you find has the skills above, your church will benefit greatly and will be well on its way to having a trellis upon which the vine can grow and thrive. Remember, that is always the goal, to benefit the body for the glory of God. This is why God gives gifts to his body, so that she may be built up and established in the faith. So find an administrator not just so you can fill a role, but so that God’s church might be maximized for his praise.

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