From the doctrine of the imago dei to policies like 40 acres & a mule, several brothers discuss race and reconciliation at the Acts 29 Pastoral Network Retreat. The panel was made up of:

C’mon up and join these brothers as they discuss these matters, looking at them through a historical and cultural lens.

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Thabiti M Anyabwile

Thabiti M Anyabwile

Thabiti is one of the pastors of Anacostia River Church in Washington, DC and the president of The Crete Collective. He is the author of several books and as an introvert enjoys quiet things at home.

One Comment

  • Avatar RichJ says:

    We as Christian leaders must be careful not feed the deception that is accompanying this debate today. The evil of racial discrimination must be fully recognized and fought. However, this high level deception that is accompanying it, and constantly forcing its message into the forefront of our attention with an even more evil agenda than discrimination must also be recognized and negated. Failing to combat both simultaneously may just exacerbate the problem. We must all learn to “do unto others …” and all of us “turn the other cheek” and not give into the revenge of hateful demonstrations. Passing new anti-discrimination laws is totally useless, or worse, counterproductive. I know Christians of all races realize that the first Covenant failed because we were incapable of living up to it. What makes us think that man’s laws will succeed where God’s failed? Whoever the pastor is that is recorded above is correct as he describes that true change must come from within. That’s the job of the true Church as led by the Holy Spirit.

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