In our last post, we attempted to say men really do matter in decisions about keeping an unborn child. That raised the obvious question, “What’s next?” We caught the vision, we see the need for the man to be involved, what is the next step in saving and transforming lives? It’s great to be fired up about an issue, but too often we look at the next step as something too daunting or too big to attack. In the effort to involve men in abortion decisions, three areas of need seem most prevalent in pregnancy center work.

  1. Educate

After being trained on the different types of abortions there are, I found many men visiting the center had no clue what abortion actually is. They could not answer important questions: In what trimester does which procedure take place? What are the potential risks when these procedures are done? What are the effects and risks associated with the different ways that the abortion procedure is conducted? These are all educational aspects of abortion men need to know. Walk through a quick reference on different abortion procedures.

  1. Help

When it comes to involving men in abortion procedures, we must continually address the needs of fathers to perform in the home. When it comes to so many basic needs like transportation, employment, and life skills, we often assume men will “get it together” or “they know better”. But when a father wants to see the child born, the help of other agencies often times can be a difference maker. When basic needs are not being met for men, it can directly influence how he lives life, leads in the home, and drives his thoughts towards pregnancy. Unhealthy assumptions can be dangerous. So, do not assume men have everything they need to make a life changing decision without asking. Such assumptions can hinder the growth of men in becoming godly fathers. But addressing basic needs for a man can tremendously increase the way men address the issue of abortion inside and outside of the pregnancy center. Finding and linking men with local non-profits is a good place to start, especially agencies specializing in employment or job training. 

  1. Motivate to Mobilize

Samuel Smith of The Christian Post wrote a great article on the church’s involvement in abortion. Smith writes:

In a survey released Monday that was sponsored by the pregnancy center support organization Care Net, researchers from the Christian research group LifeWay found that about 70 percent of women who had an abortion self-identified as Christians, while 43 percent say they attended a Christian church at least once per month or more at the time they aborted their child.”

This survey result raises a plethora of issues or thoughts. But to emphasize the role of men, I believe we can safely say that the involvement of men in this has a direct effect. Our women need men to be involved in the process of pregnancy—period. We can’t lay dormant and expect men to know how to facilitate a home as a new father. We must be willing to step in and educate, address, and inform regularly. God created the family unit on His terms, for His Glory, not our convenience. Men in the church have a great responsibility to motivate each other to mobilize and be present in our communities.

Educate, Help, and Motivate to Mobilize. These three things, coupled with a godly definition of pro-life, are important for turning our families and communities around. We want to face these issues with a heart to make disciples of Jesus Christ, not to simply win arguments. The pregnancy center can help in many ways. Involving men being in abortion or life decisions is a step worth taking.

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