Here are a few things from around the web you might find edifying:

Pastor Conrad Mbewe reflects on lessons he’s learned after 30 years of pastoral ministry in Zambia.

Pastor H.B. Charles offers an encouraging word on “Seeing Beyond the Rubble of Ministry.” If that whets your appetite, here’s H.B. preaching a sermon entitled, “How to Deal with Discouragement”:

Dr. John Piper offers these trenchant and sobering words about the cost of justice, racial harmony and diversity:

Brother John Richards wonders, “Where Are All the Black Evangelicals?

Brother Rasool Berry reflects on John Piper’s comments regarding Lecrae’s interview with the sisters of Truth’s Table.

We’ve begun a short series on urban apologetics. In the second post, we mentioned the Hebrew Israelites. The Atlantic recently published a good article on one of the oldest branches of Hebrew Israelites.

We end with a couple of tweets from sisters reminding us of some good, foundational truth:

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