Here are a few bits from around the web you might enjoy if you haven’t already:

Good Reads:

Black Superheroes Matter: Why a ‘Black Panther’ Movie Is Revolutionary

I know you didn’t expect the Porch to link to The Rolling Stone, but you never know what happens when you drop by! For those looking forward to February 16th, the day “Black Panther” opens in theaters, this will be a fun and insightful read.

The Charcuterie Board That Revolutionized That Revolutionized Basketball

Looks like we’re kinda into revolutions this week. First, “Panther” revolutionizes film. But in this piece, Steve Kerr revolutionizes how basketball is played. This is a great piece on how the Golden State Warriors became the offensive juggernaut they are.

Thriving/Frequency Conference

This year’s conference was a sanctified blast! Audio is available here.

More on Divorcing White Evangelicalism

Last week we mentioned Lecrae’s Truth’s Table interview and responses from John Piper and Rasool Berry to Piper. Seems a conversation has started. This week, Ray Chang also penned an open letter to John Piper and Bryan Loritts followed up with his recommendations.

A few tweets from the week:

What about you guys? Read any good things people should know about?


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