In this week’s “People to Know” post, we continue our series with a focus on Dr. Theon Hill. Dr. Hill is Assistant Professor of Communication at Wheaton College in Wheaton, Illinois.

Dr. Hill’s research explores the relationship between rhetoric and social change related to race, culture and American politics. Specifically, he examines the role of radical rhetoric as a crucial form of civic engagement and public advocacy. His previous work on rhetoric and social change in political, social movement, and religious contexts has appeared in edited collections and scholarly journals. You can find a list of his articles and presentations here.

Dr. Hill also contributes to The Front Porch. His most recent posts include:

Remembering James Baldwin

What Would Jesus Say About Confederate Symbols

Here, Dr. Hill joins Greg Wheatley on “Inside Wheaton” to discuss “Rhetoric and Social Justice” (21 min):

In this video, Dr. Hill addresses the Wheaton community regarding “Speaking Truth to Power”:

Theon is among the number of gifted brothers and sisters the Lord has raised up to help us think biblically and act faithfully in our generation. Keep your eyes and ears open for his work. It’ll bless you!

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