Whatever happened to civility in politics?! As a socially-conscious, politically-engaged evangelical Christian, I pray civility didn’t die with Sen. John McCain. At the very least, civility is on life support during the current administration.

I recently watched a Frontline documentary special titled, “McCain”, which simply affirmed what I already believed to be true. Mr. McCain was a good man. No, not a perfect man. No, not a man with whom I always agreed. But Mr. McCain was a man who fought heroically for our country during the Vietnam War. McCain was a man who often placed principle over party and political rancor. This was clearly seen when, during his campaign against President Obama, he referred to him as a “decent family man who loves this country as I do.” He said this while the current president was forwarding the “fake news” that Mr. Obama was NOT born in America.

McCain was an independent thinker who rose above much of the foolishness in national politics. He had the decency and integrity to acknowledge the good in an opponent with whom he differed on policy and ideology. He was a decent man who served this country well—a true patriot and honorable Veteran who risked life and limb. May God comfort his family and sustain his legacy.

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