A number of colorful books have been decorating my wife’s bedside and office tables. More than decorating, they’ve been keeping my wife up late hours in the morning giggling, ummming, and smacking her lips. Whenever she makes those noises, I want to know what she’s reading. Then I heard Louis Love has been reading the books too, and it was over!

Author Kim Cash Tate has been walking with the Lord for over 20 years. Here’s sis. Tate sharing her testimony of faith in Christ:

You can also get to know her a bit more through this “Black Girl Magic” interview with the sisters at Truth’s Table here.

She’s written ten books, mostly works of fiction. Her books capture the African-American experience in characters that talk, act and think “like us.” She writes with Christian sensibility while telling “real” stories that connect with the reader. She’s had to take her stand to write this way, since publishers have sought to change that voice for wider audiences.

Along the way, she’s also attempted to spiritually encourage women with youtube Bible studies in Ephesians and Psalms. Her latest book, Cling, focuses on building a life of intimacy with God. This past June, she hosted a conference on that theme. Our sister has been quietly bearing fruit in service to the Lord and we thought more of you should get to know her.

I appreciate any sister that encourages my beloved bride. You can keep with sis. Tate on Twitter (@KimCashTate) and Instagram (@kimcashtate). She’ll be an encouragement to you.

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Thabiti M Anyabwile

Thabiti M Anyabwile

Thabiti is one of the pastors of Anacostia River Church in Washington, DC and the president of The Crete Collective. He is the author of several books and as an introvert enjoys quiet things at home.

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