In June 2018, Storied Publishing released our book entitled, All Are Welcome: Toward a Multi-Everything Church. The phrase ‘multi-everything’ was simply a way to highlight our need–as the church–to be a place that is not bound by race, ethnicity, income, culture, and political affiliation. All are welcome, and our arms should be open to the broken, to those on the path to healing, to Black, White, Asian, rich and poor, politically red, blue, and anyone in between. This type of fellowship neither begins nor will it be lasting by mere human efforts. Rather, it must be empowered by the supernatural gospel, which is made efficacious by the Holy Spirit.

This is what is displayed throughout the Gospel narratives and the book of Acts. Those with seemingly different political commitments are bound to each other (e.g., Simon the zealot and Matthew the tax collector; Matt. 10:3-4). Those of different ethnic backgrounds worship together on the Lord’s Day (cf. Acts 13:1-2). Young and old were in the church, as well as those of different financial standings (cf. Acts 16:11-15; Eph. 6:1-2; Titus 2:1-4). Diversity should not be a trending topic for the church, only soon to evaporate. Rather, this is the application of the Great Commission Jesus gave us 2000 years ago (Matt. 28:16-20). It is further an extension of the promise the Lord gave to Abram (cf. Gen. 17:4). Therefore, we do not need to jump on the bandwagon of trending racial, cultural, and class discussions in our communities as if it starts with them. Since nearly the beginning, the saints of old and the new covenant church have been and are called to be a place where all are welcome, representing a variety of nations and cultures. Our conversations about diversity and inclusion begin with the Bible.

There are numerous reasons why the church in the US is segregated along political, racial, and economic boundaries. The discussions regarding this tragedy still need to occur. However, if we become consumed with merely talking about it and not acting upon becoming a diverse and inclusive church in communities that display diversity, we will remain complacent. Instead of becoming only cognitively aware of the issues, we have decided to act. We are embarking upon establishing a new church in Los Angeles that displays, as one friend often remarks, the complexion of heaven. For that reason, we have called our church Montage.

What will we believe? How will we express our core commitments? For starters, watch this animated video. Secondly, if you’re in the L.A. area or you know someone who is, and they’re considering church or looking for a church home, please pass along our videos. (You can also watch this video. We explain why we’ve called our church Montage).

Montage will be our second church plant. Our first church plant is in Richmond, VA. After spending four years planting and establishing that church, my family decided that it was time to come home. With the permission and approval of our elders, we set our eyes on Los Angeles. Being a native, it was and is exciting to return home, but I know this journey won’t be easy. When you gather different types of people under one roof for worship and you encourage fellowship throughout the week, conversations change. Discussions about worship music, race and culture, community involvement, gender, and class abound. As I witnessed at our first church plant, however, as those conversations occurred, we did our best not to self-segregate even if our opinions differed. The Holy Spirit blessed our church planting efforts the first time. I pray he blesses our efforts again in L.A..

Our church will be committed to the system of doctrine outlined in the Westminster Standards, which includes the Westminster Confession of Faith, as well as the larger and shorter catechisms. In short, we will be a reformed church that desires to fervently pursue the Great Commission.

Will you consider joining us? Our first interest meeting is on Sunday, December 9th from 2pm – 3pm. This interest meeting will occur in the conference room of the Rita House, which is located at 5971 West 3rd Street in Los Angeles. Parking is available on most every street around the meeting location. All are welcome! Childcare may be available. Even if it’s not, please bring your children.

In the meantime, please watch our videos

Visit our website, spread the word, and pray for us!


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