Is there anyone who is prepared
To speak the truth and weep
As another black brother and sister
Lay dead, murdered in the street?
Must our children inherit our nation’s wickedness?
Must another generation be blind because
we are
Too busy
Too comfortable
Too power hungry

Lord, rend our hearts

Were it simply a problem amongst the wicked
Perhaps then we could bear it
But it is God’s people!
Those who claim his name, it is his church that
Passes by

More blood is on our hands, our clothes stained with guilt

Lord you continue to call your people to turn away
You have stricken us and shown us the destruction of our evil ways
Yet we refuse to be corrected, we are
Too idealistic
Too consumeristic
Too individualistic
…dislocated from the others pain

Lord, rend our hearts

Like leper’s our body wastes away
And we do not even feel it
We throw parties and celebrations
Counting who has the largest crowd
Hoarding influence
Seeking pleasure
Chasing admiration

Stone hard faces, we refuse to repent

And another year passes by
Black mothers, sisters, fathers, and brothers
Weep over their murdered sons and daughters
Killed while they radiated beauty, as they
Played in parks
Walked home from school

Lord, rend our hearts

We welcome lions and wolves
In from the jungles and the deserts
we comply, we’re complicit
As life continues to be devoured
after generation
We forsake you
….so do our children

We swear by gods that are no gods

Awaken us oh Lord
Remove the blinders from our eyes
Take the deceit from our lips
Bring us low
May we tremble in your presence
our rebellious hearts softened
Take our riches, our power, our pride
Have it all

That we might marvel at your costly grace

Awaken us to be a people
who seek justice
defend the oppressed,
and promote the cause of the fatherless

Lord, lead us to repentance


The Front Porch
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