For the past couple of months, the country has taken to the street in protest of systemic racism and police violence. Daily protests have occurred in large cities and small towns alike. Never has there been a time when the country seems to have reached near univocal condemnation of the mistreatment of African Americans.

The protests have forced many people to grapple with systemic nature of some injustices. A number of thoughtful pastors and leaders have stepped up to provide video tutorials for those beginning to think about racism’s systemic nature. We thought it would be helpful to put together three of the best brief primers on the subject. We hope you enjoy!

Dr. Tony Evans provides answers the question, “What is systemic racism?”

Pastor Vermon Pierre provides a really helpful analogy to explain what is meant by “systemic” in “Racism is in the Walls”.

Phil Vischer offers a research-driven analysis of why there’s anger and protest by reviewing the history of racial inequality and public policy in America in “Race in America.”

Of course, the subject of racism and inequality is more vast than three videos can adequately summarize. But these three provide a good primer for any interested to understand a little more about what is meant by “systemic racism” and this country’s history of it.

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