The Christian and Critical Race Theory, Part 5: A Misalignment of Frames: Integrationism

Kimberlé Crenshaw argued in her 2011 article, “Twenty Years of Critical Race Theory,” that “what nourished CRT and facilitated its growth from a collection of institutional and discursive interventions into … Continue reading

Pastoring Through Polarization

Polarization seems to be the new normal in Christian life. But we can and must lead through it.

Politics and the Christian Faith: Thoughts on John MacArthur’s Statement

There is no such thing as a “Christian vote”, only a Christian who votes.

Some People Need to Be Canceled

When we obey the Bible, some people have to be cancelled. Let’s just make sure it’s false brethren teaching false doctrines who resist warnings.

Is the Fight for Justice Throwing Away Its Shot?

Four things we need to think about now that everyone has been in the streets protesting.

The Christian and Critical Race Theory, Part 4: Alan Freeman and the Contribution of CLS

Laws reflect dominant social morality and power distribution. That’s why our laws are more likely to legitimize racism and racist systems than remedy them.

The Christian and Critical Race Theory, Part 3: A Bridge: Dr. Derrick Bell

Bell’s work signaled a return to the more “radical” elements of W.E.B. Du Bois, Oliver C. Cox, Stokely Carmichael, and even Dr. King.

Work Out–Not for–Your Salvation in Opposition to Racism!

Why do New Testament authors speak of both the necessity of Christian obedience for final salvation and justification by faith alone and salvation by grace through faith?

4 Reasons We Left the SBC

Pastor John Onwuchekwa explains why he’s leaving the Southern Baptist Convention after nine years of ministry.

Three Good Looks at Systemic Racism

Videos from Dr. Tony Evans, Pastor Vermon Pierre and Phil Vischer provide a good overview for the uninitiated

The Christian and Critical Race Theory, Part 2: The Segregationist Discourse and Civil Rights Retrenchment

To tell the story of the rise of critical race theory historically, we have to consider the segregationist and anti-Civil Rights context that spawned it.

Creation Gives Hope for Justice

If this world death calls its home can still be filled with life, then maybe this sin-sick, racism-rooted American society can one day be a place where black people get justice.

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