Lamenting Together as a Local Church

One church laments together, bringing both pain and trust to God our Father

Biblical and Theological Reflections on Sin, Hope and Resurrection

The people of God, must work in this present evil age to promote the flourishing of fellow image-bearers and to push against the Devil’s hate and the reign of sin.

A Prayer of Lament from Jeremiah 5

Jeremiah 5 gives us words and themes to pour out our hearts to God amidst racial violence and injustice

Cursed Is the One Who Hangs Upon a Tree

Paul’s Spirit-illuminated Christological reading of Deut. 21:23 is scriptural proof that Jesus Christ alone is God’s provision for the eternal life promised in the law.

Can Your Gospel Heal Your Karen-ness?

Jesus has crippled the power of white supremacy, so that you can walk in love and justice with people of color.

Running Into Racism, Part 1

Going out for a morning run should be routine for those who enjoy running. Not so for many Black men. Louis talks with Stephen about a routine run turned racist and could have cost him his life.

Must A Canaanite Become an Israelite to Enter the Kingdom of Heaven?

May it be said of those who profess faith in Christ that our faith in, obedience to, faithfulness to, and loyalty to Jesus Christ is relentless and GREAT!

Black in a White Man Territory: Proceed with Caution

Black and male? Proceed carefully before joining a predominantly white evangelical church.

A Prayer of Lament for Ahmaud Arbery

We pray that you would help your hurting people believe by faith right now that sin, death, and injustice are NOT the final words in your redemptive story.

Black Man in White Man’s Territory, 5: Prone to… Callousness?

An exploration of the apathy that sometimes marks the experience of Black men and women in white evangelical churches

Jesus, THE Greatest of All Time!

While we relive the greatest of Michael Jordan, we should remember the truly greatest of all time.

Should the Freshly Liberated Ignore the Currently Oppressed?

Why should we suppose that adopting a moderate response to the racism Asian Americans face would leave our hearts or them any better off?

C’mon Up!