The Christian and Critical Race Theory, Part 3: A Bridge: Dr. Derrick Bell

Bell’s work signaled a return to the more “radical” elements of W.E.B. Du Bois, Oliver C. Cox, Stokely Carmichael, and even Dr. King.

Work Out–Not for–Your Salvation in Opposition to Racism!

Why do New Testament authors speak of both the necessity of Christian obedience for final salvation and justification by faith alone and salvation by grace through faith?

4 Reasons We Left the SBC

Pastor John Onwuchekwa explains why he’s leaving the Southern Baptist Convention after nine years of ministry.

Three Good Looks at Systemic Racism

Videos from Dr. Tony Evans, Pastor Vermon Pierre and Phil Vischer provide a good overview for the uninitiated

The Christian and Critical Race Theory, Part 2: The Segregationist Discourse and Civil Rights Retrenchment

To tell the story of the rise of critical race theory historically, we have to consider the segregationist and anti-Civil Rights context that spawned it.

Creation Gives Hope for Justice

If this world death calls its home can still be filled with life, then maybe this sin-sick, racism-rooted American society can one day be a place where black people get justice.

The Christian and Critical Race Theory, Part 1: A Survey of the “Traditional Civil Rights Discourse”

Traditional Civil Rights discourse predates and dispels allegations of cultural Marxism

Racism and the Wrath of God

The behavior of racists reveals God has handed them over to his wrath in this present evil age and they need the only kind of repentance that saves from God’s wrath.

The Stone of Hope in a Mountain of Despair

My only hope, the only assurance of our faith, is that the stone was rolled away, and every mountain of despair, no matter its height, must bow before the unquenchable joy found in our resurrected King.

Father, Please, Be Merciful to Our Nation!

Not only must we pray for justice, we must also seek God for its twin, mercy.

Reflections on Pastoring Between Freddie Gray and George Floyd

What does it look like to pastor in the wake of killings and protests? There is no manual. It is not clean. Ministry is messy.

Self-Care in Times of Racial Tension

COVID 19 has stolen many dreams that we had going into 2020. The pandemic has caused many people to mourn, especially black people, the loss of weddings, graduations, vacations, birthday … Continue reading

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