Road Rage, Selfishness and Humility

We find sin and sanctification happening in the most every day circumstances.

People to Know: Dr. George Yancey

Bringing a basic introduction of leaders, scholars and practitioners to The Front Porch family.

People to Know: Dr. Korie Edwards

In the inaugural People to Know post, we spotlight Dr. Korie Edwards, scholar of race, religion, power and gender with a focus on Christian churches.

The Black Panther as Afrofuturist Womanist Vision

The Black Panther movie is a womanist vision of Black womanhood thriving in a Black-centered culture and universe.

Fragmentary Notes on Mark’s Gospel (chap. 2-3)

The Lord moves around to the people teaching and healing so we might see who He really is and believe rather than object.

Fragmentary Notes on Mark’s Gospel (Mark 1)

A New Year’s resolution from Mark 1: keep picking men, praying to God, preaching the gospel, and providing needs.

Highlights and Lowlights from 2017

With nothing else to do, here’s my subjective list of “top ten stories” for 2017.

Unto Us a Son Is Given!

A Savior given only to the well-off could hardly be a Savior for us all. 

Dhati Lewis’ “Among Wolves” (Book Review)

We give Dhati Lewis’ book Among Wolves 4/5 rocking chairs–a great book for reading on the porch!

Urban Apologetics 3: Collective Restoration and Well-Being

Black people know we are not physically, psychologically, socially or economically well. Sometimes people in urban communities blame Christianity with being a major player in the destruction of Black well-being.

“Simon the Cyrenian Speaks” by Countee Cullen

A gospel- and culture-inspired work from Harlem Renaissance poet Countee Cullen

Humility and Reconciliation

Biblical humility serves as the building block of reconciliation efforts.

C’mon Up!