Anthony Moore

Anthony Moore received his PhD in Systematic Theology from Southwestern Theological Seminary. He's been tremendously blessed by God to call Natasha his wife and Marcus, Titus, and Malachi his sons. Give him a shout on twitter: @Moorepreaching

Racial Reconciliation

Our Father cares deeply about racial diversity and unity, and as His sons and daughters, we should care deeply, too.

Meet the Brothers: Anthony Moore & Isaac Adams

Dr. Anthony Moore, campus pastor of the Village Church in Fort Worth, Texas, came through The Front Porch to share about his life and ministry—from the suffering he faced in the past to the present.

I’m a Bad Pastor: And Why I Think it’s Worth Saying So!

Pastor, why is it good for you and your people to understand that you are a bad pastor? C’mon up and join the conversation.

Aloe Blacc, King David and Us: Lessons in Not Being the Man

You can tell ever’ body, “I’m the man. I’m da man, I’m da man!” It’s a catchy tune by Aloe Blacc that I have to admit I’ve found my head … Continue reading