Bobby Scott

Pastor Pastor Bobby, who pastors Community of Faith Bible Church in the Los Angeles area, cherishes his family: his devoted wife, Naomi, and his six children. It is his consuming desire to be used by God to strengthen the urban church, and he believes this objective will be best met by building families and developing a ministry upon the teaching of the Word of God. Give him a shout on twitter: @PastorBScott.

Raising Your Kids to Love Jesus and Impact Their World

Conceptually, parenting is easy. It’s executing effectual parenting that’s so hard. What does the Bible say about parenting? C’mon up and hear from a pastor and father of five.

What I’ll Tell My Kids About Independence Day

What is one black pastor and father telling his children about the unsung realities of the Revolutionary War? How do you explain African-Americans fighting for freedom that they would not be granted? C’mon up.

Biblical Advice for Sisters Trying to Help Mr. Right

C’mon up for the last part of our four-part series on marriage and dating. Sisters, today we’re sharing some encouragement for you specifically!

Biblical Advice for Brothers Who Want to Find a Wife (pt. 3)

Is the Internet the most profitable way to look for a wife? Is the Internet the wisest way to find a match made in heaven? C’mon up for the third part of our marriage series!

Biblical Advice for Brothers Who Want to Find a Wife (pt. 2)

Brothers, are you looking for a godly wife? Here are five practical tips to serve you to that end. C’mon up!

Biblical Advice for Brothers Who Want to Find a Wife (pt. 1)

Why is marriage valuable? Why are African-American women the least likely in our society to marry? What can bring revival to urban and black communities? C’mon up for this three part series!

Reaching America’s Samaria

Pastor Bobby Scott explains the John 4:1-43 in light of the current struggles besetting black communities in America. C’mon up and enjoy this sermon.