Isaac Adams

Isaac Adams serves as the editor of The Front Porch. Holler at him on Twitter: @isickadams

Spoken-Word: “Jesus Saved My Life”

Jahill Richards came up on The Front Porch once and shared a sermon that entailed his testimony. He stopped by again to drop his testimony in a shorter, punchier fashion through … Continue reading

Ministry Training with Bible Doubters: Questions & Counsel

You might be a young brother wondering where you should get trained for ministry. Maybe you’re a seasoned pastor, but you feel led to pursue formal education. If you’re anywhere in between, … Continue reading

God’s Servant on Black Millennials’ Vanishing View of The Black Church

Rapper and church planter, Brian Davis, discusses “the traditional black church” and how his generation views it, why it might disappear, and why that’s not a bad thing.

Grace to the Ghetto Suburbs

His mother was on one side yanking his arm. His father was on the other side yanking his arm. Both were yelling to him, “choose who you want to be … Continue reading

Free Event | New Life Fellowship Conference: “The Gospel of Genesis”

  Conference: “The Gospel of Genesis” | New Life Fellowship Church | The Larry Laschen Community Center, 294 Evergreen Drive, Vernon Hills, IL 60061 | June 26-28, 2014 | Free Registration Online  … Continue reading

Spoken Word: “#NoFilter Necessary”

Friends, here’s a short piece I wrote in response to the beauties of God’s handiwork. I was struck by how many people, regardless of their standing with God, implicitly testify … Continue reading

What Langston Hughes’ Lie Can Mean For Churches

They’re mighty reports, Of God’s interrupting the sinner’s run to hell, Turning him heav’nward, To life, by gifted faith, in Christ; These, are testimonies. These, our testimonies.[1] One reason I … Continue reading

Not by Sight, Not by Comfort: Encouragements for Those Integrating Churches

As an African-American male who’s grown up in a predominantly white church, I was struck by Lou’s article about his son, Curtis. Now, no neighborhood “welcoming committee” has ever called … Continue reading

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