Joel A. Bowman, Sr.

Pastor Bowman is the founder and senior pastor of Temple of Faith in Louisville, KY. He also founded African Americans for Biblical Authority (AABA).

A Tribute to Sen. John McCain

McCain was an independent thinker who rose above much of the foolishness in national politics.

Humility and Reconciliation

Biblical humility serves as the building block of reconciliation efforts.

What I Believe About the Bible (A Poem)

What I believe about the Bible is really simple. It’s the basis of the Good News that’s called the Gospel. In Second Timothy, chapter three, and the seventeenth verse, The … Continue reading

Caution Tape (A Poem)

Caution tape is yellow in color. Someone’s been murdered; another brother! In cities across the USA, the young have fallen; they’ve gone astray. Chalk lines show where a body was … Continue reading

How Black Is the Bible?

Imagine that we are members of a local church having a cookout, and the honored guests are Black characters from the Bible. I’d dare say that many of us would be surprised by who shows up.

Southern Baptist Repudiation of Confederate Flag is “A Seminal Moment”

I cringe every time I see the Confederate flag in the same way I would if I were to see the auction block on which one of my ancestors was sold.


Each day is a gift. May this poem help you see fresh mercies from our Lord!