Philip Duncanson

Philip Duncanson serves as an elder at East Point Church in Atlanta. Holler at him on Twitter: @PBDuncs

Cultivating Corporate Prayer

No one prays enough! That’s not just a perception, it’s a reality. Even the most avid prayer warriors I know admit to such. When we pray, it shows our dependence … Continue reading

“Where’s the Altar Call?”

“With heads bowed and eyes closed; no one looking around.” “Just step out into the aisle. Don’t think about the people around you. Come forward and give your life to … Continue reading

Brothers, We Are Not CEO’s

John Piper released a book in 2002 entitled, Brothers we are not Professionals. The book was in response to an increasing trend of the professionalization of the pastorate that Pastor John … Continue reading

Biblical Womanhood (Podcast)

Discussing how a local Black church’s female pastor recently married another woman, Thabiti said, “the culture’s confusion regarding gender, sexuality, and sex seems to know no limits,” in a recent … Continue reading

Every Man an Elder: How One Church Seeks to Encourage Male Leadership

“Every man an elder!” is a phrase we like to challenge the men with at East Point Church. It really is no more than what the Bible challenges them with. … Continue reading

Biblical Manhood

According to the Washington Times, 15 million children in the U.S. are being raised without fathers this year. How will this affect the church? What does it really mean for … Continue reading

The Importance and Necessity of the Church

Tony Carter & Philip Duncanson chop it up on The Front Porch, discussing why the Church is not only important but needed, and why the current generation may not think … Continue reading

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