Tony Carter

Tony Carter serves as the Lead Pastor of East Point Church. Tony is married to his beloved, Adriane Carter, and their marriage has bore the fruit of five wonderful children. Holler at him on Twitter: @eastpc

Faithful Over Little

When the ministry gets difficult and tiring, what do you reflect on? Tony looks at pastors of his youth to remember that the Lord will reward his faithful servants for proclaiming His name, not their own, despite the size of their flock. C’mon up and join Tony!

Meet the Brothers: Vincent Bacote & Tony Carter

Dr. Vincent Bacote, director of the center for applied Christian ethics and professor of theology at Wheaton College, came through The Front Porch to share about his life and ministry, specifically how he wrestled with becoming a professor instead of a senior pastor or a para-church worker.

On Ferguson: We Must Pray, Preach, and Practice

Simply seeking to understand the faith he is called to proclaim and to live out, Tony Carter reminds Christians why they must pray, preach, and practice locally even when they disagree. C’mon and join the conversation. (Photograph by Seven Resist via Flickr Creative Commons)

The Flower of Salvation

Tony Carter switches it up by coming up on the porch with a poem about TULIP — not the flower — but the doctrines of grace. It’s Calvinism in verse. Preachers and pastors have a seat on the porch, but so do the poets. Come join ’em!

Meet the Brothers: Elbert McGowan & Tony Carter

We had Elbert McGowan, leader of Reformed University Fellowship (RUF) at Jackson St. University, come up on the porch. He shares with Tony Carter about his life, ministry, and the upbringings of growing up during the flood of crack cocaine.

Meet the Brothers: Vermon Pierre & Tony Carter

We had Vermon Pierre, lead pastor of Roosevelt Community Church in downtown Phoenix, AZ, come up on the porch. Tony Carter chops it up with Vermon to talk life, ministry and adoption.

Reading: A Reformation Legacy Once Denied Blacks

Tony shares why black Christians, “with our history marred by the denial of educational opportunities,” should embrace, as well as any, the legacy of reading left to us by the Reformation. C’mon up on and join the conversation!

The Black Church’s Exodus: A Good Thing?

Are “black millennials” leaving the church? Tony Carter weighs in with three notions why this might be.

Not the Greatest, Not Champion, Just Servant

Tony Carter reminds us of the temptation that constantly bests pastors: to try and pastor the world. Do you see that temptation in pastors? In yourself? C’mon up on The Front Porch and join the conversation.

The Need For A Historical Faith

Why is it important for Christians to have a faith that is grounded historically? What is great about this current generation’s zeal, and is there anything dangerous about this passion? … Continue reading

The Gospel in Genesis: Joseph

At the New Life Conference, Anthony Carter preached on  to show that Joseph, a ruler highly favored and a redeemer highly gracious, was a type of Christ. This was the … Continue reading

The Gospel in Genesis: Creation

At the New Life Conference, Anthony Carter preached on Genesis 2:4-25 to show that creation is 1) God’s power displayed, 2) God’s beauty portrayed, and 3) Creation is intelligently made. C’mon up and enjoy the talk.