Tryce Prince

Tryce Prince is the husband of his wife Erin and the Executive Coordinator for the Carl Spain Center on Race Studies & Spiritual Action at Abilene Christian University. He is set to begin his work on a PhD in Sociology in the fall of 2020. You can reach him on Twitter @TrycePrince.

Black in a White Man Territory: Proceed with Caution

Black and male? Proceed carefully before joining a predominantly white evangelical church.

Black Man in White Man’s Territory, 5: Prone to… Callousness?

An exploration of the apathy that sometimes marks the experience of Black men and women in white evangelical churches

Black Man in White Man’s Territory 4: The Black Experience

Many African-Americans feel discomfort, endure skepticism and suppress their own identities in order to participate in predominantly white evangelical churches.

Black Man in White Man’s Territory, 3: Sociology, Cultural Marxism, and the Church

I strongly believe that sociological inquiry can be a wonderful tool in our analysis of the role of race in the church. However, I believe the Bible’s teachings should be … Continue reading

Black Man in White Man’s Territory, Part 2: History and Terms

Race has always played an important role in the identity development of Christians. In fact, many times it is unfortunately the central role.

Black Man in White Man’s Territory, 1: A Contemporary Crisis

The first in a series of posts exploring the experiences of Black men in predominantly White churches.