Warner Aldridge

Warner Aldridge is a seminary student in Los Angeles, CA. He enjoys preaching and teaching God's Word and studying his wife Dominique. He loves to try new foods from different cultures and cheering for his hometown team, the St. Louis Cardinals.

Is It the Church We Despise, Or Is It Sin?

I realized it wasn’t the Church I despised. It was sin.

When Your Sermon Feels Like Trash

Sometimes a sermon goes poorly. What should a preacher do then?

Prayer: How Praying Together Shapes the Church

A review of John Onwuchekwa’s new book

Road Rage, Selfishness and Humility

We find sin and sanctification happening in the most every day circumstances.

Singleness Is Not a Curse

Don’t let marriage become an idol. Significance does not come from marriage. Significance and purpose come from the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Magnificent Beauty of God

Remembering the goodness of the Lord cuts through all of the negativity around us.

Depictions of Prayer

Often, hardships remind us we need to completely depend upon the Lord. When life is tough, pray.

The Gospel & Racial Reconciliation: Book Review

The world seems to be very good at diagnosing problems, but often gives solutions that do not work. Christians have the message that is powerful enough to change hearts. So why is it that nonbelievers are at least willing to talk about racism, but many churches like to sweep it under the rug?