Black Church

Removing Fallen Leaders

Have you noticed that recent months and years have recorded the fall of some very prominent church leaders? Can a fallen pastor be returned to pastoral leadership?

Preaching in a Kairos Moment

When all the mayhem that went down a couple of weeks ago, like so many, we are stunned, silent, and declaring “thus says the Lord.” Yet in times of turmoil, unrest, and utter helplessness have proven to be seasons when Black preaching is at its best.

Looking for a Church Administrator (pt. 2)

So we’ve discussed godly character, but what are the skills needed for a church administrator?

Looking for a Church Administrator

How then do you go about identifying the right administrator for your church? Are there qualifications for such a person, and what might that be?

Three Reasons Men Don’t Go to Church

A funny but insightful response to common excuses for not attending church

Do You Love What Jesus Loves?

If you say you believe in God, you ought to see the Church as Christ sees her and strive not to neglect her.

Realists, Romantics and Conversations about the Church

Romantics and realists need each other in conversations about the church’s health. Healthy conversation actually requires a prayerful dose of both realism and romanticism. Realists keep us from putting makeup on blemishes. Romantics keep us from rejecting the bride’s beauty.

It’s Not An(other’s) History

Black history is not an(other)’s history; it’s Bonhoeffer’s, it’s yours, it’s mine, it’s ours.

Thabiti Anyabwile, Ken Jones, and Mark Dever on Black Churches

Join Thabiti Anyabwile, Mark Dever, and Ken Jones as these brothers chop it up about black churches and their involvement in communities, the doctrines of GRACE, and how the Lord has brought these brothers into Christian ministry.

The Urban League on The State of the Black Church

In the good ole days, mama got you up, and you went to church. Is that still the case for The Black Church? Is the black church still relevant in our community or relevant as it has ever been?

Therefore an Overseer Must Be (pt. 2)

Louis Love looks to the Scriptures to consider what a godly leader must not be and what he must do. C’mon up and join him on the porch.

Guidelines & Suggestions for Musical Worship

Here are 8 guidelines and suggestions for those who lead their churches in musical worship. What would you add to the list? C’mon up and join the conversation.