Black Church

CEOs, Preachers, and Shepherds: What’s the Difference?

“Shepherding” is a term that isn’t all too common in many pastoral circles, especially in traditional black churches. What does it mean to guide, protect, feed, and guard the sheep, … Continue reading

Not the Greatest, Not Champion, Just Servant

Tony Carter reminds us of the temptation that constantly bests pastors: to try and pastor the world. Do you see that temptation in pastors? In yourself? C’mon up on The Front Porch and join the conversation.

Deacon Run Churches: Are They Biblical?

Louis Love, Tony Carter, and Thabiti Anyabwile come up on The Front Porch to chop it up about elders and deacons — the two offices the Bible prescribes. The brothers … Continue reading

What Stephen A. Smith Missed About Domestic Violence

Stephen A. Smith’s recent comments about domestic violence caused an uproar in the media. Thabiti Anyabwile comes up on The Front Porch to make a call for men to repent and protect their sisters who have given them so much. Is domestic violence a “men’s issue”? C’mon up on the porch and let us know what you think.

Elements of Styles in Black Preaching

Over the past couple months, I’ve had the privilege to talk with a couple of seminarians concentrating on preaching. In both cases, they’ve wanted to talk about the distinctives of … Continue reading

How Much Is Too Much for a Pastor to Earn?

Thabiti Anyabwile looks at eight pastors whose net value is 200 times those in their local community. There is too little for pastors to make; this is what most pastors make. And then there is way too much!

Clarity, Conviction, and Commitment in Church Planting

Over six years ago a handful of men, women, and children embarked on the journey that is East Point Church. We had a desire in our hearts for a new … Continue reading

The Burden of the Pastor

The pastor has a burden.  It is unlike anything felt by anyone else in the local church. Even in the context where the biblical prescription for a plurality of elders … Continue reading

The Divide in the Black Church that Most Troubles Me

The African-American Church, much like churches of every other ethnic stripe, faces a number of potential divides. There’s the perennial split between liberal and conservative theological groups. There’s the split … Continue reading

Thinking about the Black Church with Dr. Samuel DeWitt Proctor

Along with Dr. Gardner C. Taylor, Dr. Samuel DeWitt Proctor was the dean of entire generations of Black Church statesmen, educators, and preachers. Yet he represents a treasure store of history, theology, and mission of the Black Church. C’mon up on the porch and enjoy hearing from the doctor himself.

“Where Are the Elders?”

Much has been made of Jamaal Bryant’s recent sermon, in which he encouraged all the men in the audience to say, “These hoes ain’t loyal.” On the porch, we’re concerned with the larger question statements like this present.

Ministry Training with Bible Doubters: Questions & Counsel

You might be a young brother wondering where you should get trained for ministry. Maybe you’re a seasoned pastor, but you feel led to pursue formal education. If you’re anywhere in between, … Continue reading