Why is Baltimore Rioting and How Can We Help

A pastor from Baltimore shares his reflections on the riots and calls for urban ministry that isn’t focused on metrics, but on the long-term good of the city and its people. C’mon up.

The Clash of Titans Noire

What can we learn from the clashes of Cornel West and Eric Dyson? We’re choppin’ up at least five lessons on the porch today. C’mon up!

Five Realties of Ministering at an HBCU

What is it like to labor the gospel at a Historically Black College or University? C’mon up and enjoy the testimony of one who is in the midst of such a work!

Binding Up Our Achilles Heel

Why do the wounds of race in the annals of America’s history refuse to stay quiet? Why must the Church continue to speak about them, and how are we speaking about them? C’mon up and join the conversation.

One New Man in Christ

Dr. Jarvis Williams exposits Ephesians 2:11-22 to highlight the glorious racial reconciliation Christians have with God and with each other in Christ.

A Mordecai Moment: An Ordinary Man’s Response to a Crisis

Louis Love walks us through nine insights from the book of Esther that reflect how Christians ought to respond in the times of the Fergusons, Garners, and Rices. C’mon up and joint he conversation during these “Mordecai Moments.”

On Ferguson: We Must Pray, Preach, and Practice

Simply seeking to understand the faith he is called to proclaim and to live out, Tony Carter reminds Christians why they must pray, preach, and practice locally even when they disagree. C’mon and join the conversation. (Photograph by Seven Resist via Flickr Creative Commons)

Where was the Injustice in Ferguson?

In the wake of Ferguson, Thabiti Anyabwile chops it up with host Isaac Adams to discuss where he specifically saw injustice in the legal proceedings. What are your thoughts? What can we do going forward? C’mon up and join the conversation. (Photograph by Tori Rector via Flickr Creative Commons)

The Poor: The Christian’s Mirror

Given the grand jury’s decision re: the Michael Ferguson case, we had a civil rights attorney who worked in the Deep South for nearly five years reflect on Ferguson. Though media have moved on from that city, we still have much to mourn for, to learn, and to rejoice in.

How Ferguson Can Kill You, Too

Isaac Adams looks at Ferguson and suggests four practical applications that Christians are uniquely suited to employ. Are these legitimate steps given the pain and seeming chaos ensuing?

Aloe Blacc, King David and Us: Lessons in Not Being the Man

You can tell ever’ body, “I’m the man. I’m da man, I’m da man!” It’s a catchy tune by Aloe Blacc that I have to admit I’ve found my head … Continue reading

The Divide in the Black Church that Most Troubles Me

The African-American Church, much like churches of every other ethnic stripe, faces a number of potential divides. There’s the perennial split between liberal and conservative theological groups. There’s the split … Continue reading