Remembering the Elderly (Pt. 1)

Here are five ways the Scriptures demonstrate the Lord’s blessings toward our senior saints and what we might learn from these blessings in order to be a blessing to them.

Happy Birthday, Ma!

These stories are not just reminders of the past, but they are history as seen through one person’s eyes. They serve as encouragements to us that we might learn from them and walk in wisdom.

What’s On The Hearts Of Women?

What are women in the church concerned with today? What are ways we can be praying for our sisters? How does context determine everyday struggles and the difficulty women see in the ministry?

Complementarians in the Black Experience

A strong woman shouldn’t be a threat to our theology. But even more, she should not be judged and stereotyped.

Have You Heard about The Vox Project?

In our day and time we need many more organizations and groups motivated by this very view of each life–inside and outside the womb

Anger Management

How might a brother consider his anger as a Christian vs. an “angry black man” (as the stereotype goes)? C’mon up to chop it up with Tony Carter.

The Cosby Conversation We’re Still Not Having

What we are not discussing is how to prevent the many Cosbys in our homes, families, friendship networks, schools and churches from preying upon our daughters, sisters, and mothers. C’mon up and join the conversation.

Raising Your Kids to Love Jesus and Impact Their World

Conceptually, parenting is easy. It’s executing effectual parenting that’s so hard. What does the Bible say about parenting? C’mon up and hear from a pastor and father of five.

Summer Means Good Times

Does your family worship feel like detention? How might it be more enjoyable? What is the importance of family worship? C’mon up and join the conversation.

Calling Her Blessed: A Mother’s Day Tribute

Today, on the porch, the conversation is about moms. C’mon up and share a word about your mother if you’re so inclined.

Biblical Advice for Sisters Trying to Help Mr. Right

C’mon up for the last part of our four-part series on marriage and dating. Sisters, today we’re sharing some encouragement for you specifically!

Biblical Advice for Brothers Who Want to Find a Wife (pt. 3)

Is the Internet the most profitable way to look for a wife? Is the Internet the wisest way to find a match made in heaven? C’mon up for the third part of our marriage series!