The Gospel in Genesis: Judah

At the New Life Conference, Ken Jones preached on , and he focused on 49:8-12. From the text, he showed how 1) although his actions are wicked, Judah is a covenant child … Continue reading

The Gospel in Genesis: Abraham

At the New Life Conference, Thabiti Anyabwile preached on to show that 1) the life of faith is a going life 2) the life of faith is a great life and 3) the life … Continue reading

The Gospel in Genesis: The Flood

At the New Life Conference, Ken Jones preached on the flood () to show its relation to 1) the manifestation of God’s holy and immutable hatred 2) the contaminating and corrupting … Continue reading

The Gospel in Genesis: Fall

At the New Life Conference, Thabiti Anyabwile preached on . He specifically looked at six things: 1) The Serpent 2) The Sayings Exchanged 3) Sight 4) Sound 5) Sentencing and 6) … Continue reading

The Gospel in Genesis: Creation

At the New Life Conference, Anthony Carter preached on Genesis 2:4-25 to show that creation is 1) God’s power displayed, 2) God’s beauty portrayed, and 3) Creation is intelligently made. C’mon up and enjoy the talk.

The Gospel and its Counterfeits

What is the gospel? What are some of its counterfeits? What are Christians to think of the “Liberation Gospel?” “the Social Gospel?” Usually, “if you have to put an adjective … Continue reading

Ask Yourself, Ask Your Church

Thabiti Anyabwile shares five questions every Christian and church leader should ask themselves and their church, especially considering that “every Christian and ministry faces the slow, subtle, suffocating pressure of the ordinary.”

Reflections on a Small Conference with a Big Message

The Gospel of Genesis “The Gospel of Genesis.” So was the theme of the 12th annual New Life Bible Conference last week. Over 100 attendants heard 6 messages traversing the … Continue reading

Audio: “Gospel in Genesis” Sermons from New Life Bible Conference 2014

For twelve years now, the Lord has allowed New Life Fellowship Church in Vernon Hills, IL to host an annual Bible conference. The conferences focuses on exposition of the Scripture. … Continue reading

Beyond the Color Barrier: Q&A

In this 40 minute question and answer portion of “Beyond the Color Barrier” Derek Mondeau (InterVarsity) facilitates audience-driven questions to be answered by both Anthony Bradley and Soong-Chan Rah. This … Continue reading

The Actual Accomplishment of Racial Reconciliation

Introduction In my previous blogs on racial reconciliation, I discussed the need for racial reconciliation and the provision for racial reconciliation. In post 1, I proposed that racism fundamentally exists … Continue reading

Book Review: The Divided Mind of the Black Church: Theology, Piety and Public Witness

I love it when Amazon recommends something that actually interests me. It doesn’t happen often. But every once in a while the online merchandising giant flashes something before me that … Continue reading