The Calling to Dignity

It’s been my custom to read good Christian books to the members of our church as they trickle in for our mid-week Bible study. For about 5-10 minutes I read … Continue reading

Thabiti’s Apology, Part 2

Louis and Thabiti continue their conversation about Thabiti’s recent apology to some evangelicals. Join us and as they say in some parts of North Carolina, “bring yo own mason jar”.

Thabiti’s Apology, Part 1

Several months ago Thabiti offered an apology over at The Gospel Coalition’s website. He has graciously agreed to c’mon up on the Porch and share how the Lord moved upon his heart to apologize. Take a listen and you will find out there’s more to an apology than mere words.

Holding On

Q, What do you think is the most painful thing in pastoral ministry? A. Seeing a long-time faithful brother or sister walk away from the Lord. Let’s talk about Holding On.

Mobilizing African Americans to Missions

Brittany Gardner discusses the opportunities and challenges of mobilizing African American for missions

Abuse Is a Men’s Issue (Session 20, Just Gospel 2019)

Dr. Kevin Smith, Executive Director of the Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware, examines addresses the responsibility of men to prevent the sexual and physical abuse of women. ERROR: The IP key … Continue reading

What Deborah Teaches Us about Leadership (Session 14, Just Gospel 2019)

Pastor JD Greear (Summit Church) addresses current issues regarding reconciliation and gender roles using . ERROR: The IP key is no longer supported. Please use your access key, the testing … Continue reading

People to Know: Kim Cash Tate

Brining a basic introduction to leaders, scholars and practitioners to The Front Porch family.

The Five A’s of Building Healthy Elder Boards: Assignments

Making assignments clear among the pastors goes a long way in healthy, effective elder teams.

People to Know: Rev. C.J. Rhodes, Jr.

About 100 years ago, one of the best compliments you could receive from an African-American leader from another African-American leader was that you were a “Race man.”

People to Know: Dr. Curtis Woods

Bringing a basic introduction of leaders, scholars and practitioners to The Front Porch family.

The Five A’s of Building Healthy Elder Boards: Accountability

Unaccountable elders and teams are a danger to themselves, their families and the sheep in their care.

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