Profiles in African-American Missions: Dave

From a homosexual lifestyle to homelessness to Christ to the mission field

Profiles of African-American Missionaries: Kayon Watson

We interview missionary, Kayon Watson, about the spread of the gospel in international missions.

Mobilizing African Americans to Missions

Brittany Gardner discusses the opportunities and challenges of mobilizing African American for missions

Brittany Gardner on Her Conversion and Call to International Missions

Thabiti sits down with Brittany Gardner, African-American Engagement Coordinator with SIM USA.

Meet the Brothers: Bishop David Perrin (pt. 4)

What are the barriers to getting on the mission field? What are the barriers to getting your church invested in missions?

Meet the Brothers: Bishop David Perrin (pt. 3)

C’mon up and learn about the National African-American’s Missions Conference and its history within the larger tradition of African-American’s participation in missions.


Each day is a gift. May this poem help you see fresh mercies from our Lord!

Meet the Brothers: Bishop David Perrin

Thabiti joins Bishop David Perrin, who has faithfully served in Washington D.C. area for a long time, to discuss life, ministry, and God’s faithfulness throughout both.

Black Missionaries on Students & Callings

Thabiti Anyabwile got up with Tim and Naia Byrd, missionaries in South Africa, and Byron Johnson, who was with Campus Outreach for over twenty years, to talk about missions in the student context from the African-American perspective.

Ask Yourself, Ask Your Church

Thabiti Anyabwile shares five questions every Christian and church leader should ask themselves and their church, especially considering that “every Christian and ministry faces the slow, subtle, suffocating pressure of the ordinary.”

Single Black Sister Serves in 10/40 Window

Usually on The Front Porch, we chop it up about topics surrounding pastoral ministry and the African-American church. But today we’re sitting with a single, African-American sister who has been … Continue reading

African-Americans in Missions

African-Americans are a part of a unique story in foreign missions that is seldom told. In this talk, originally given at CROSS, Tim steps into this rich history and discusses … Continue reading

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