Women Preachers & Pastors — A Big Deal in the Church?

Is affirmation of female ordination and leadership a denial of the Christian Faith? How important are these issues to the health of the church? C’mon up and join the conversation!

Faithful Over Little

When the ministry gets difficult and tiring, what do you reflect on? Tony looks at pastors of his youth to remember that the Lord will reward his faithful servants for proclaiming His name, not their own, despite the size of their flock. C’mon up and join Tony!

Tell Your Story: Session 4 (Panel Discussion)

“Expository preaching has a great assumption to it — that one is committed to the sufficiency of Scripture.” Kevin Smith leads a discussion about expository preaching with Curtis Woods, Victor Sholar, Thabiti Anyabwile, and H.B. Charles Jr. C’mon up and join the conversation.

Tell Your Story: Session 3

H.B. Charles Jr. demonstrates expository preaching by proclaiming the truths of God from Psalm 113. He makes clear that preaching ought to have both light and heat. C’mon up and enjoy this talk.

Tell Your Story: Session 2

Victor Sholar, pastor of Main Street Baptist Church in Lexington, KY, explains the grind and labor of preaching as well as why Christians must be committed to sound doctrine. C’mon up and enjoy this talk.

Tell Your Story: Session 1

Thabiti Anyabwile kicks off the 2014 expositors pre-conference by offering a cultural and biblical apologetic for exposition. C’mon up and enjoy this talk.

Preaching with Personality Is Not a Performance

How is it possible to preach in such a way as to commend ourselves to the conscience of everyone and yet not proclaim ourselves? According to the Bible, we should preach Jesus Christ so plainly and openly without cunning and worldly eloquence that the people lose sight of us to see Jesus more clearly.

We Need More Gospel in Our Gospel Preaching

Should pastors preach the gospel every time they step into the pulpit? Do people, who aren’t Christians, have enough clear gospel proclamation to understand and respond to the gospel? C’mon up and join the conversation.

Not the Greatest, Not Champion, Just Servant

Tony Carter reminds us of the temptation that constantly bests pastors: to try and pastor the world. Do you see that temptation in pastors? In yourself? C’mon up on The Front Porch and join the conversation.

Called to Preach

How do you know if you’re being called to the ministry? Thabiti Anyabwile, Louis Love, and Tony Carter come up on the porch to discuss what a “calling” to ministry … Continue reading

The Gospel in Genesis: Joseph

At the New Life Conference, Anthony Carter preached on  to show that Joseph, a ruler highly favored and a redeemer highly gracious, was a type of Christ. This was the … Continue reading

The Gospel in Genesis: Judah

At the New Life Conference, Ken Jones preached on , and he focused on 49:8-12. From the text, he showed how 1) although his actions are wicked, Judah is a covenant child … Continue reading