The Gospel in Genesis: The Flood

At the New Life Conference, Ken Jones preached on the flood () to show its relation to 1) the manifestation of God’s holy and immutable hatred 2) the contaminating and corrupting … Continue reading

The Gospel in Genesis: Fall

At the New Life Conference, Thabiti Anyabwile preached on . He specifically looked at six things: 1) The Serpent 2) The Sayings Exchanged 3) Sight 4) Sound 5) Sentencing and 6) … Continue reading

The Gospel in Genesis: Creation

At the New Life Conference, Anthony Carter preached on Genesis 2:4-25 to show that creation is 1) God’s power displayed, 2) God’s beauty portrayed, and 3) Creation is intelligently made. C’mon up and enjoy the talk.

What’s Appropriate When Preaching?

Thabiti Anyabwile, Louis Love, and Tony Carter come up on the porch to talk about the lines pastors shouldn’t cross, as mandated by Scripture and suggested by wisdom, in their … Continue reading

What is Expositional Preaching?

Why is saying, “Joseph had a dream, so follow your dreams!” NOT Expositional Preaching? What is “Expositional Preaching?” It seems to be kind of like heaven — lots of folks … Continue reading

Are You Preaching Christ?

Tony Carter takes a look at true Christ-centered preaching and it compares it to what the world may call good preaching — that which elevates self, prosperity, and motivation. He exhorts us to simply preach Christ crucified as Philip did in Acts 8.

Sermon Preparation

Thabiti Anyabwile, Louis Love, and Tony Carter return to one of their favorite front porches to discuss how they prepare to divide the Word for their congregations. How many hours do these brothers put in? What days are devoted to sermon prep? C’mon up on the porch and join in the conversation.

Elements of Styles in Black Preaching

Over the past couple months, I’ve had the privilege to talk with a couple of seminarians concentrating on preaching. In both cases, they’ve wanted to talk about the distinctives of … Continue reading

Brothers, Stop Selling Your Sermons!

Why shouldn’t pastors sell their sermons? Could the selling of sermons ever be a help to the gospel? Louis Love, Tony Carter, and Thabiti Anyabwile chop it up over this sensitive question.

The Burden of the Pastor

The pastor has a burden.  It is unlike anything felt by anyone else in the local church. Even in the context where the biblical prescription for a plurality of elders … Continue reading

Reflections on a Small Conference with a Big Message

The Gospel of Genesis “The Gospel of Genesis.” So was the theme of the 12th annual New Life Bible Conference last week. Over 100 attendants heard 6 messages traversing the … Continue reading

Audio: “Gospel in Genesis” Sermons from New Life Bible Conference 2014

For twelve years now, the Lord has allowed New Life Fellowship Church in Vernon Hills, IL to host an annual Bible conference. The conferences focuses on exposition of the Scripture. … Continue reading