If a Man Doesn’t Work

In a poor inner-city community, the greatest asset or currency is hope. Our experience with a job fair ministry provided a lot of hope.

Highlights and Lowlights from 2017

With nothing else to do, here’s my subjective list of “top ten stories” for 2017.

That’s My Dad

Several years ago I wrote an article titled Pinch Hitter. I talked about a good man in the neighborhood who many of the kids loved and adored. Well today, I … Continue reading

When the Doors of the Church Should NOT Be Opened

“The doors of the church are now open” must be one of the best-known sentences in Black Church life. But when should the doors be closed, if ever? C’mon up!

Summer Means Good Times

Does your family worship feel like detention? How might it be more enjoyable? What is the importance of family worship? C’mon up and join the conversation.

What I’ll Tell My Kids About Independence Day

What is one black pastor and father telling his children about the unsung realities of the Revolutionary War? How do you explain African-Americans fighting for freedom that they would not be granted? C’mon up.

Jovanique’s Testimony: “Done, Done, Done!”

Here the testimony of one young brother who the Lord has saved and kept by his grace. We pray his story multiplies!

The Practical Secret to Faithful Ministry (pt. 3)

Pastor, we shouldn’t have calendars and to-do lists so full that our people feel like they’re “bothering us” if they want some time with us. C’mon up for advice in this series’ conclusion!

The Practical Secret to Faithful Ministry (pt. 2)

Here are five practical ways you might use a calendar for the purposes of a faithful ministry. Can you think of any others? C’mon up!

The Practical Secret to Faithful Ministry (pt. 1)

Pastor, what is the one thing you can do well to end each day, each week, each month, each career and each lifetime faithful? C’mon up for the first part in this new series!

“What An Awesome Journey”

Hear one sister’s journey to Reformed Theology and how a tweet sparked it all. C’mon up and cut it up with the brothers on the porch.

Five Realties of Ministering at an HBCU

What is it like to labor the gospel at a Historically Black College or University? C’mon up and enjoy the testimony of one who is in the midst of such a work!

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